Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Deepa Milton Sarath Dassanayake Scholarship

Amount: Full Tuition Fee

Eligibility: Audio Engineering students from underprivileged background enrolled with Pearlbay Institute

The “Deepa Milton Sarath Dassanayake” Scholarship is set up in his memory who was one of the greatest musicians of all times in Sri Lankan music and film industry. Ranga Dasanayake’s beloved father as well as the mentor, Mr Sarath Dasanayake was indeed a pioneer composer in the Sinhala cinema. We honor his unparall contributions to the music industry by awarding this scholarship to a bright student whom financial difficulties might have stopped pursuing in a career in audio engineering.

Ariyadasa Hewapathirana Award

Amount: Full Tuition Fee

Eligibility: Any students from underprivileged background enrolled with Pearlbay Institute

Mr Ariyadasa Hewapathirana is one of the main pillars behind Pearlbay success stories whom himself achieved beyond what anyone can imagine coming from an underprivileged background. We celebrate his contribution to the society and the Pearlbay by awarding a full scholarship to study any chosen course in Pearlbay Institute. Mr Hewapathirana is a great advocate of quality education- as he would say “Study no matter what, and do it right and do not give up”

Audient Scholarship – Scholarship for Women

This Special Award is by one of the PearlbayMusic’s greatest friends and supporters who’s contribution to Pearlbay is invaluable, "Audient". Audient is a great supporter of Women empowerment in Musicology and together we want to encourage more female students to enter audio engineering.

Amount: Full Tuition Fee

Eligibility: Female Student enrolled with Pearlbay Institute for Audio Engineering Studies

U. K. Chandrasiri HONOR AWARD

An old Naladian who was a talented footballer to represent Sri Lanka, U. K. Chandrasiri had a great passion for the music and film industry. He was a passionate contributor facilitating many iconic silver screen productions in Sri Lankan cinema and a true music lover who believed in technical perfection and artistic marvels of the composers.

Award: Rs. 20,000

Eligibility: Any student who requires financial assistance to follow music composition programs.