Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and diversity is one of our core values at Pearlbay Institute and across the Pearlbay. We recognize that providing equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusion are important factors for the well being our staff and students to help reach their fullest potential. We want our staff and students to familiarize with the diversity of the communities that Pearlbay serve, and we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all by ensuring that equality is embedded in all our activities, policies and decisions

We will;

  • Ensure that individuals are treated solely on the basis of their abilities and potential.
  • Promote diversity and equality for students and staff and value the contributions made by individuals and groups of people from diverse cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and distinctive backgrounds.
  • Promote and sustain an inclusive and supportive study and work environment which affirms the equal and fair treatment of individuals in fulfilling their potential and does not afford.
  • Unfair privilege to any individual or group.
  • Treat all staff and students fairly and equally.
  • Challenging inequality and less favorable treatment.
  • Promote greater participation of under-represented groups of students such as female audio engineers and staff by encouraging positive action to address inequality.
  • Promote an environment free of harassment and bullying on any grounds in relation to all staff, students and visitors.
  • Full use of all talents and skills by creating an open and inclusive culture where individuals from all backgrounds can work together with dignity and respect.

Our Commitment

We actively promote Equality and Diversity within Pearlbay and outside and we will ensure that discrimination of any kind is eliminated from our environment and support inclusion anyone from any personal background. We will support our staff and students to achieve these targets through raising awareness and providing training where necessary.

We take complaints seriously and if you think a misconduct has occurred, all complaints should be raised informally in the first instance with Institute administrator, Health Counselor or The Program Leader.

Any of the following misconducts should be used to raise a complaint, but are not limited, any other concerns can be raised for we will treat all complaints confidentially and fairly as well as seriously.

  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Theft or fraud
  • Physical/verbal violence, bullying or abuse
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Alcohol or illegal drugs abuse


All staff at Pearlbay Institute are required to undertake equality, diversity and inclusion training and Personal development appropriate to their role. All new staff will receive equality, diversity and inclusion training as part of their induction.


  • All children and students have needs and rights:
  • The need for physical care and attention
  • The need for intellectual stimulation
  • The need for emotional love and security
  • The need for social contact and relationships
  • The right to have their needs met and safeguarded
  • The right to be protected from neglect, abuse and exploitation
  • The right to be protected from discrimination
  • The right to be treated as an individual

At Pearlbay we take seriously about safeguarding children, students and vulnerable adults. If you see any breach of children and student rights and safeguard please raise your concerns immediately to the Head of the Department, Head of Operations.